Formatting Your Thesis

Formatting Your Thesis

As you near the end your thesis writing and editing, you need to start thinking about formatting. Your final thesis must be formatted according to the rules set forth by the University.

All formatting rules/guidelines, templates, and contacts can be found on the University Dissertation and Thesis Services Office's website.

When choosing templates from this site, be careful to select templates specific to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Once selected, do not change the formatting on the templates.

Formatting reviews must be completed with staff from the University Dissertation and Thesis Services Office. This office, in cooperation with the CHSS dean's office, hosts two thesis formatting workshops each semester. These workshops are not required, but they are recommended. They are informational workshops only, in that individual formatting help is not given at these workshops and all the information presented at these workshops is available on the website above.

Formatting can be tedious and time consuming, but it is necessary. Formatting is also important on the signature sheet that will be submitted with your final thesis. Again, you should only use the CHSS signature sheet template. Once you have your information in the template, a quick formatting check can be done by sending your signature sheet as an email attachment to Susan Turriziani in the CHSS dean's office. Once you have her approval, you can print official copies of the signature page for collection of signatures. Without her approval, you run the risk of your thesis being turned away when you go to submit it. Susan can be reached by email and she only approves formatting of your signature pages.

Please don't leave formatting to the very end. Make contact with the UDTS office earlier than you might think it is necessary to do so. The UDTS office has hundreds of students doing exactly what you are doing so it can become very busy ahead of a thesis completion deadline. Be patient and know that they are there to help you.

University and Dissertation Services:
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