Submitting Your Thesis

Submitting Your Thesis

As you start to complete work on your thesis and get formatting approval from the UDTS office, you also need to prepare your thesis for submission.

The largest part of that preparation is the signature collection process.

To begin the signature collection process, you need signature pages. So, print your properly formatted signature page(s). It is always a good idea to print an extra signature page.

Once your signature page is printed, it is time to start collecting signatures.

You can collect signatures in one of two ways.

  • take your signatures pages around to your committee members and collect their signatures


  • leave your signature pages with the graduate programs manager and send an email to all your committee members asking them to stop by the graduate programs manager's desk to sign

A few things to remember when you are collecting signatures:

  • Faculty members must sign your signatures page. Email approval and by proxy signatures are not allowed.
  • Signatures may be difficult to collect in summer months as many faculty are not on campus or live elsewhere during the summer months. It is best to plan to complete your thesis in the fall or spring.
  • If you have a faculty member on your committee who does not live in the immediate area, it is your responsibility to collect his/her signature. This may require mailing signature sheets out to a faculty member. Please plan accordingly and allow enough time to collect signatures.
  • All signatures must be in black ink. There are no exceptions.

After all your committee members have signed your signature pages, you need to collect the department chair's signature. If the department chair has posted in-office signing hours, you should plan to come to the office to collect her signature. If the department chair has not posted signing hours, you should send an email and request an appointment to collect her signature.

Department Chair:
Debra Lattanzi Shutika

A few things to remember when you are collecting the department chair's signature:

  • Unless open in-office signing hours are posted, you need an appointment to collect the department chair's signature
  • The department chair's office is Robinson B, Room 423.
  • Bring all supporting documents when you come to collect the department chair's signature

After the department chair has signed your signature pages, you need to collect one more signature from the CHSS Dean's office. You must send an email to Susan Turriziani to set up an appointment to collect the dean's signature.

CHSS Academic Affairs:
Susan Turriziani

A few things to remember when you are collecting the dean's signature:

  • The dean will only sign once everyone else has signed your signature sheets. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Once you have obtained the signatures of your committee and departmental administrators, bring your thesis, your signed signature sheet, and all accompanying paperwork (transmittal sheet, Embargo Request Form, ETD Submission Form) to the CHSS Office of Graduate Academic Affairs (D217 Mason Hall).

After the dean has signed your signature pages you need to walk your thesis and all supporting documents to Fenwick Library and submit it during the time of the appointment you made with UDTS (see below).

A few things to remember when you submit your thesis to the UDTS office:

  • The UDTS office is located in 2005 Fenwick Library.
  • UDTS requires all students to make an appointment to submit their documents and all necessary final materials. Final Submission appointments usually take 5 minutes or less, as long as you have all of your materials with you, and your materials are all correct and complete.

  • Final Submission requirements for Master's students:

    • Turn in 1 copy of your Signature Sheet, signed--in black ink--by everyone listed under "Committee:";
    • Turn in a PDF (soft copy) of your thesis, which we will later upload into MARS;
    • Turn in 1 completed, signed Transmittal Sheet;
    • Turn in 1 completed, signed Embargo Request Form (you need to include this form even if you are not going to embargo your thesis).

Congratulations! After all that work, you have completed your thesis. Once it is submitted to Fenwick Library, you are done.