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  • Joshua Tyler Barton

    Joshua Tyler Barton

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition: Cultural Studies, Horror Literature, Feminist Literature, Southern Gothic Literature, Jane Austen, Shirley Jackson

  • Elizabeth Benson

    Elizabeth Benson

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Amanda Leigh Bryan

    Amanda Leigh Bryan

    Assistant Professor

    Composition: Postcolonial Studies, Anglophone Caribbean Studies, Sexuality Studies, Rhetorics of Belonging and Identity, Cultural and Visual Rhetoric, Spatial Theory, Women’s Studies, Masculinity Studies, Class Theory


  • Bernard Cabral

    Bernard Cabral

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Ann Cavazos Chen

    Ann Cavazos Chen

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition: Impact of engaging with the arts on military veterans and their families.

  • Carlos Chism

    Carlos Chism

    Assistant Professor

    Composition: Composition Pedagogy, Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • Christopher Alan Clements

    Christopher Alan Clements

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition: First Year Composition


  • Albert J. DeFazio

    Albert J. DeFazio

    Assistant Professor

    Composition: Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Composition, Shakespeare

  • Sharon Doetsch-Kidder

    Sharon Doetsch-Kidder

    Associate Professor

    Composition: Social movements, race and ethnic studies in the U.S., theories of genders and sexualities, oral history, feminist pedagogy, mindfulness education, and the globalization of liberal arts education

  • Nilanjana Dutta

    Nilanjana Dutta

    Adjunct Faculty



  • Laura A Ewing

    Laura A Ewing

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition: Intercultural technical communication, digital communication, professional and technical writing


  • Brian Fitzpatrick

    Brian Fitzpatrick

    Associate Professor

    Composition: Workplace writing, writing transfer, writing in the disciplines, online and hybrid pedagogy

  • Kevin M. Flanagan

    Kevin M. Flanagan

    Associate Professor

    Composition: British film and television, adaptation studies, composition, British cultural studies, film and television directors, media history, arts documentary, the Cold War, videogames



  • Julia Holcomb

    Julia Holcomb

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Virginia A Hoy

    Virginia A Hoy

    Senior Instructor

    Composition: Composition theory and practice, adult learning theory, and medieval literature and history.


  • Joyce P. Johnston

    Joyce P. Johnston

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition: Digital intellectual property, online civility, online instructional design, oral response to student writing


  • Joe W Killiany

    Joe W Killiany



  • Sara M King

    Sara M King

    Associate Professor

    Composition: multilingual writers, multi-ethnic American literature, bibliomemoirs.


  • Lisa Lister

    Lisa Lister

    Associate Director


    Composition: First year composition, teacher development, scholarship of teaching and learning


  • Jonathan M. Marine

    Jonathan M. Marine

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Composition: Writing Engagement, Pedagogic Theory, Graffiti Rhetorics

  • Jessica Matthews

    Jessica Matthews



  • Lynn W Miller

    Lynn W Miller

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition: Artificial Intelligence in the English Classroom, Educational Advocacy

  • Katherine M. Miscavige

    Katherine M. Miscavige

    Assistant Professor


  • Carol Mitchell

    Carol Mitchell

    Assistant Professor

    Composition: linguistics; Caribbean literature; science and technology; world literature;


  • Shyam V Patel

    Shyam V Patel

    Assistant Professor

    Composition: Literary and intellectual histories of nineteenth-century Britain; Queer Theory; Marxism and Post-Marxism; Metaethics and Aesthetics; Hybrid and Online Writing Instruction; Public Writing

  • Sondra K Patrick

    Sondra K Patrick

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Elizabeth Paul

    Elizabeth Paul

    Associate Professor

    Composition: teaching composition in a multicultural classroom

  • Audrey S Pettibon

    Audrey S Pettibon

    Senior Instructor

    Composition: - Visual and digital rhetoric and the rhetoric of display as they relate to discourse and identity. - Preparing student for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. - Hyperbole and its influence on/representation in social rhetoric. - Targeted writing programs to address the professional and academic needs of non-traditional students in an online and blended-delivery setting.

  • Lisa E Photos

    Lisa E Photos

    Associate Professor



  • Mark S Rudnicki

    Mark S Rudnicki


    Composition: 19th and 20th Century Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, 20th Century Polish Literature, particularly Witkacy


  • Catherine E. Saunders

    Catherine E. Saunders


    Composition: 19th-century American literature, with particular focus on works by women and African-Americans and the novel; American antislavery literature; local history; digital humanities; open educational resources; writing in and about the disciplines.

  • Marriya Schwarz

    Marriya Schwarz

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition: Intersection between language and history Book History Multimodal Composition Popular Writing

  • Dominique Nicole Swann

    Dominique Nicole Swann

    Adjunct Faculty


    Composition, Cultural Studies, African & African American Studies, African American Literature